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•Safe-UFO series LED grow light are UL listed products.Local service-worldwide shipping and service.

•Trust worthy quality-CREE &Osram chips built in, two top brand LEDs.

•100% money back-60days money back, return products money back.

•Discreet shipment -neutral packages , no products information , brand information on the box.

•Fast delivery-shipping within 24 hours of purchase, get packages within 5 working days of purchase.

•Real warranty-3 years warranty,Detailed warranty policy, do what we promised to customers.

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Unit Farm Story

For over 9 years led grow light manufacture experience, we have provided a lot OEM service to different brands, worked with a lot indoor growers, universities, specialist growers, commercial growers and research labs. Our products have been wildly applied for commercial, greenhouse, research and indoor growing. Today, we have got enough experience on LED grow light, so we decided to make our own products, own brand-Unit Farm to provide service to different growers directly.

We have saw a lot low quality LED grow lights are using unknown LEDs or Epistar LEDs and got very high failure in short time, LEDs burnt out or lenses got melt very fast. and it is really embarrassing to ask warranty during grow. We decided to make a safe, high quality, low heat, low power consumption, high penetration, high yield , high power, truly full-spectrum LED grow light, so our first series LED grow light ---unitfarm UFO series is comprised of the two top brand LEDs,CREE and OSRAM.We are different from other brands also, they prefer using double or triple lenses to increase lumens, PAR, PPF or PPFD at one point to tell a lie, while we avoid using lens to increase the output of our LED grow light and truly increase the lumens , PAR ,PPF and PPFD in the coverage area. Besides, we want to make things simple and lower the failure of unitfarm UFO series, we did not build unnecessary complex remote control program in , we only put two modes----veg&bloom on the light for flexible use. We are on the boat of growers, so we are thinking what growers are thinking. UFO is a product built with our confidence, experience and growers expectation.

With unitfarm UFG series, We considered five factors: fabric quality, reflective rate, pole quality, lighting leaking and flexible use, especially the light leaking, we gathered a lot information from growers and competitors and we know how important to avoid light leaking. We do not want your plants can not sleep well and the grow tent drop down to damage your plants. So we use real 1680D fabric, 19mm metal poles and corners, magic fabric to cover the zippers. For your health, we will never and ever use any bad smell and toxic fabric to make our grow tents.

Unit farm is a new brand but we are not newer in indoor growing , we are professional on business, service ,products, growing, etc. We are welcome every growers join us to lead the industry together and provide the best products as always. if you are good at testing products, join us; if you are good at grow plants, join us; If you are good at design, join us, if you are good at making led grow light or grow tent? Join us;If you are good at marketing,Join us; If you are good at making videos, join us , If you are good at selling on website, eBay or amazon, join us , if you are good at help local growers, join us , if you are good at wholesale, join us, if you have big warehouse, join us Unit Farm need you , welcome