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Unitfarm Commercial LED grow light

The Best Commercial Grow Lights are UFO LEDs

Commercial growers want from their operations: to maximize yield and quality while minimizing cost.We evaluate our commercial LED lights based on what really matters to our customers:light meters/theories and harvest results.UFO commercial LED lightsare UL-certified safety standards,they are approved for all commercial growing operations in the US and Canada. Many jurisdictions require all equipment used in growing operations to have ETL or UL certification.

Get More From Your Grow

Every grow needs to maximize yield to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive market. Every additional pound you can coax from your operation is additional revenue for your business.We're not just talking about grams per watt here, but pure gross yield. UFO consistently outperforms HPS by more than 60% higher grams per watt.UFO series are the only lights to ensure you maximize pure gross yield!

Command More for Your Harvest

Increasing yield is critical, but UFO also increases quality :

• Increases THC and CBD content by 2-5% in laboratory tests compared to Cannabis grown under HPS

• Increased terpene production for better smell and taste

• Increased trichome production: if you're creating concentrates, plants grown with UFO will provide higher extract yields than those grown with any traditional lighting option

• Creates tighter, denser buds

• Eliminates symptoms of heat stress: UFO LEDs significantly reduce forward-radiated heat

Higher quality, higher potency harvests can command a higher premium in the wholesale and retail markets, putting even more money in your pocket.

Get More for Less

• Decrease lighting electrical costs:

1.UFO lights use 20-30% less electricity compare to a 1000W HPS (depending on ballast)

• Decreased cooling electricity costs:

1.Less electricity being used means less heat is being created in your grow

2.The increased photosynthetic efficiency of UFO lighting means you can save cooling costs

• Decreased infrastructure costs:

1.Less electricity being used by the lights require less circuits to be run, reducing electrical installation costs

2.Less heat to remove and a higher setting on the thermostat means less cooling equipment expense and lower installation costs

3.Add more growing capacity to your existing facility without investing in costly equipment or electrical service upgrades

• No bulb or reflector changes are required; save on:

1.The cost of replacement bulbs and reflectors

2.Labor costs associated with bulb and reflector changes

3.Hazardous material handling fees: UFO contains no toxic mercury

• Fixture expected lifetime is 5+ years o Eliminate labor costs

UFO combines expert knowledge of Cannabis cultivation with advanced engineering to deliver larger, higher-quality harvests from our proprietary full-cycle Phyto-Genesis Spectrum with significant energy savings.Higher yields, increased quality and operational savings. You can be confident to go with UFO series