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Unitfarm Larger Yield and Higher Quality

Larger Yield and Higher Quality versus HID

If you're thinking of making the move to LED grow lights and you've been shopping around, you've probably noticed that UNITFARM LED lights are more expensive than traditional HID lights. Due to the research we put into our lights, along with their power, specialized spectrum, and top-quality components are expensive.

Here is the reason why you should pay that extra cost when cheaper lights are available:


In order to produce high yields that will continually impress you harvest after harvest, UNITFARM LED lights combine the highest power available with our proprietary Spectrum, which is the closest you can come to the perfect spectrum for growing plants. Thanks to this combination, we know that our lights produce the best yields you can find.So, through higher yields, the UNITFARM LED light has paid off the initial cost difference in less than 10 months!


Quality is a subjective measure, but a higher quality product commands a higher price. While yield alone will increase your profit, quality will drive it up even further and faster. Again, this is where UNITFARM LED's proprietary Spectrum is a key component. Our spectrum is essential for the production of terpenoids, which give many different flowers, such as saffron, their amazing aroma and flavor. And, as terpenoids increase, so does quality! While we think you will agree that LED vs HPS traditional lighting is becoming less of a question based on the numbers above, there are many other ways in which LED