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Grow Light Industry Firsts for UNITFARM LED

UNITFARM LED introduced the best plant grow lights on the day we opened. We have also educated many growers as to why some LEDs do not work and how some companies have actually lied about the technology they use. This gives false hope to gardeners and can ultimately cost them significant money in terms of products that don’t meet the manufacturers’ claims.


• To offer true 5w LEDs diodeTo incorporate UV and IR light, which enhances taste and aroma, as well as speeding up flowering time.

• To utilize a small percentage of "white" chips to compensate for nanometers lacking in the spectrum.

• To design a light with a full spectrum that incorporates the most discreet LED colors of any light to maximize efficiency and yield.

• To incorporate a thermal cutoff switch, protecting your purchase of the most advanced LED grow lighting available.

• To use high - flow and quiet ball bearing fans.

• To own a SpectroRadiometer and conduct independent research on spectrum and its effects on photosynthesis and ultimately on plant yield and health.