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Let us remember that in this first phase, the most important thing is to establish objectives to be achieved and define what data is relevant to achieve them. Case 1. AMAZON Objective: Obtain subscribers to send them offers by mail. FACT: In this case, you only need to ask for an email address, in order to facilitate the process. In other stages of the funnel or sales funnel, more data is requested to complete the registration and be able to buy. Case 2. AIRBORNE Objective: Vitalize my content through my subscribers.


FACT In this case, you should ask for data related to social network accounts. By allowing registration Fax Lists on the platform with social logging, they are making sure to collect this user data. Case 3. RUSTICATE Objective: Obtain the card data to complete the transaction. DATA: You will have to request name, address, email and credit card. It makes no sense in this case to request access to social networks. segment with head There are a number of fairly basic parameters by which you can begin to segment a database.


Location and language Sex Personal or company email Industry Size of the company From the grouping of this data in fixed categories , you can start thinking about more complex segmentation. In addition, you should think about your ideal client and analyze if these contacts fit the users you are obtaining data from. To check it, you can send communications to your database and study what opening they have. In these cases, it is highly recommended to perform tests with different segments. This is what is called A/B testing and it is used to determine which content (text and image) works best. Hub spot recommends that we define the objective of this exercise well so that it has real logic and ask ourselves questions such.

Posted : Sep 24, 2022