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In its day to day Through the analysis of calls, the company was able to increase its sales and revenue, in addition to having more clarity about its process and service script. But what technology is this? It's about Speech Analytics . An artificial intelligence that turns calls into data , extracting information in real time so that companies can increase their sales, improve the service process, extract information about the public and provide training for the team. Since the telephone channel always represented more than half of the leads that came to Certto, nothing fairer than taking a closer look at this channel. 


What were the goals? Be able to analyze phone calls more effectively; Qualify the service provided by agents and increase your sales; Identify which sellers perform best; Invest in team training; Correct and organize mobile number list the sales script; Pass positive and negative feedback to sellers; Increase the average ticket; How can Speech Analytics help? Allows the analysis of connections through artificial intelligence; Measures the quality of incoming calls and the productivity levels of each call; Through keyword analysis, it enables the arguments that sell the most to be identified; Shows insights to improve care.


Shows the weaknesses of the sales script; Allows management to analyze the performance of salespeople; “One of our goals is to increase the average ticket and Speech Analytics helps us better understand which salespeople are performing better.” Nataniel Klug – Director of Operations Has Speech Analytics been able to help Certo increase its sales? The technology developed by PhoneTrack not only helped Certato Telecom to increase its sales, but also brought other benefits to the company, such as: Average ticket considerably higher than the market; Call analysis, which used to take place every 6 months , started to be done every day , with the aim of obtaining insights; Identification of agents answering calls.

Posted : Apr 16, 2023